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Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Achieves BEST Certification

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce became the next organization in Jackson Hole to reach the Business Emerald Sustainability Tier (BEST) level of sustainability performance.  The standards in the BEST program are comparable to the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive environmental, community, and economic sustainability criteria.  The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce joins a growing group of businesses including the Elk Refuge Inn, Flat Creek Ranch and Jackson Lake Lodge to achieve third-party sustainability certification by the Riverwind Foundation, the originator of the BEST program. The BEST program was created to provide an opportunity and platform for those Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Business Leaders that want to elevate their sustainability practices to higher levels of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality. Anna Olson, President and CEO of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce states, “At the Chamber we want to lead by example and show our members this path is achievable. We are committed to business sustainability and sustainable tourism in Jackson Hole and Teton County, Wyoming. Throughout the process to become BEST certified, we have learned the best practices to minimize waste, expand our knowledge of being green, reduce in-office air pollution, and make changes that affect our footprint as […]