Destination Certification

Teton County, Wyoming has officially embarked on pursuing formal sustainable destination certification with EarthCheck, the world’s leading destination certification company accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.  Our certification addresses all public and private stakeholders that operate within our County’s boundaries.  The Jackson Town Council and Teton County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution in April 2017 for Jackson Hole (i.e., Teton County) to be a world-leading sustainable community and destination, and to support initiatives that contribute toward this vision.

Now, with funding from the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board, we have engaged with EarthCheck and their certification process.  The certification process involves the following general steps:  

1.  Engaging community stakeholders and public in the destination certification process, including meetings and workshops to identify desired outcomes, needed information and data, and further engagement and collaboration opportunities

2.  Committing to our community sustainability goals and destination sustainability standards:

  • A Destination Stewardship Council
  • Destination management policy and action plan/MOU that leverages existing plans
  • Environmental indicators:  energy and fuel conservation; transportation; GHG emissions; air and water quality; solid waste and wastewater management; ecosystem conservation; land use planning
  • Cultural indicators for historic preservation and cultural resources
  • Social indicators:  housing and food security, basic services and quality of life, gender equity, and safety
  • Economic indicators for sustainability and innovation

3.  Applying for and receiving EarthCheck certification!

What’s possible?  All destination stewardship and marketing decisions and actions prioritize and coordinate with government agencies and the private sector protection of our environment and natural resources, community character and quality of life, resulting in:

  • Reduced traffic and parking congestion
  • Reduced Visitor Incidents/Conflicts with Wildlife, Natural Sites, and Community Customs
  • Reduced Demand on Infrastructure and Services
  • Enhanced Sustainability of Jackson Hole’s Tourism Industry
  • Attracting travelers that value environmental stewardship and social responsibility and stay longer
  • Further establish Jackson Hole’s role as a world-leading sustainable community and destination and to influence other communities and destinations
. . . and much more.  To get involved or for more information, please contact Tim O’Donoghue at