JH Reuse Partnership

The Riverwind Foundation is proud to be a fiscal and programmatic sponsor of JH Reuse and support Jackson Hole’s Road to Zero Waste!

JH Reuse facilitates creative reuse opportunities for everyday items that would otherwise go straight to the landfill.

Think simple household goods, such as egg cartons, bottle caps, and toilet paper rolls, and more!

These items are in demand in local classrooms, arts education, food rescue, farms, small construction, and among those working to minimize waste and source sustainably. Meeting this need with materials from the community, from what would otherwise be thrown away, limits landfill deposits and inspires appreciation and innovation when it comes to the materials in our daily lives.

For many potential reusers and zero wasters, the difficulty in accessing this type of closed loop supply chain is the time, space, and energy it takes to locate, transport, and store the materials. JH Reuse is dedicated to making this easier. They provide the coordination, transportation, and storage space to make these exchanges happen and ensure that reusables are recovered and made available on demand.

For more information or to arrange pick up or delivery with JH Reuse, please call or text Rani Carr at 917-757-8143 or Mari Allan Hanna at 307-699-9025, or email  info@jhreuse.com