The Riverwind Foundation

JH&Y Sustainable Destination Program Logo

The mission of the Riverwind Foundation is to Unite efforts to minimize resident and visitor impacts on the Greater Yellowstone and other ecosystems now and for future generations. The Riverwind Foundation:

  • Provides education, training, and technical assistance for a diversity of organizations, businesses, and communities on the principles, policies, and practices of sustainability
  • Serves as a resource for information, programming, and networking on sustainability
  • Builds partnerships and collaborative initiatives to prevent and mitigate resident and visitor impacts on the environment, community, and economy, and implement strategies for addressing climate change

The Riverwind Foundation is the managing organization for the Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program (see As a 501c3 nonprofit education-based organization, the Riverwind Foundation funds the Program through grants and contributions.  To get more information about or get in touch with the Riverwind Foundation, please contact Tim O’Donoghue, Executive Director, at or (307) 690-3316.