BEST Certification

Do you want to be one of the BEST?


The Elk Refuge Inn, Jackson Lake Lodge, Flat Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, Xanterra’s Yellowstone National Park Lodges, and Signal Mountain Lodge do! 

“We are thrilled to have achieved this certification not only to acknowledge the significant commitment that we put into our sustainability efforts, but to help support the growth of this rigorous local certification program. We hope to see the continued expansion of this program throughout Teton County to help preserve and protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for future generations,” says Director of Sustainability, Dylan Hoffman

“Our goal as the Airport Board is to steward our ecosystem through best practices on site at the airport, and messaging to locals and visitors the importance of respecting this special place we call home” says Jackson Hole Airport Board President Rick Braun. “Collaborating with organizations like the Riverwind Foundation provides a great opportunity to evaluate what our Board is doing well and how we can improve our goals to reduce our impacts on the environment.”

”We commend our entire team on their efforts to create a culture of sustainability over the last 20 years,” said Jason Ryan, general manager, Signal Mountain Lodge. “We appreciate Employee Health and Safety Coordinator Eric Hatch’s work toward spearheading and successfully completing the lengthy assessment process in his first year of leadership.”

Jason Williams, Founder and CEO of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris states, “Our entire team is really excited about achieving the BEST sustainability certification. Since our launch in 2007, Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris has tried to operate in the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible way possible. Our sustainability goals have widened over the years to include all levels of our business but we know we can always do more. We truly believe that by investing in our staff, guests and community we will all be happier, more secure and protect this place for future generations. We hope this recognition will inspire other businesses to join us in these operating principles that are proven to protect the place we love while making the business more profitable”.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle (RRR) Business Leaders have the option to pursue an advanced certification for sustainable business practices.  The Business Emerald Sustainability Tier or BEST program are for those businesses that are committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance comparable to the highest global standards.  Those businesses that are successful in meeting the BEST standard will be certified and recognized for their commitment to sustainability as our community’s leaders.  A summary of the BEST Program, including the consulting and certification process, schedule, certification benefits, and cost can be found by downloading the BEST Program Summary

Here’s the BEST Team:
   Crista Valentino    Lindsey Ehinger  Tom Crowell   Kelly French  Tim O’Donoghue

To apply for the BEST Program or to receive further information, please contact Tim O’Donoghue at or (307) 690-3316.